i’ve had two or three friends buy monoprice tablets and have to send them back because they were terrible and cheap. you’re better off investing in a wacom.

this lady is slamming her door and yelling at 9:30 AM like i will not hesitate to come out there and gay up your children if you continue

*wakes up with one of those tongue zits* boy howdy


biophilia remix series ii
sacrifice by death grips

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there are people who don’t know antony hegarty…….. get with it

Track: Dull Flame of Desire (Duet With Antony Hegarty)
Artist: Björk
Album: Volta


Björk & Antony Hegarty - “Dull Flame Of Desire” 

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im gonna be really sick tomorrow to avoid going to this castle bc everything in europe is starting to look the same to me anyways



Laverne through the years.

omfg the bottom left pic is so fuckin cute.. n the middle..they all are but dang `w`